Ready for a better Way to Do Business? You just found it.

My name is Amethyst Mahoney, and I run Heart and Soul Business.

I’ve gathered spiritual seekers and entrepreneurs who feel like they just don’t fit in any place else to create a thriving, supportive community. If you’re tired of “business as usual,” struggling to find clients, and want to find a better way without feeling slimy or like a used car salesman, then you’ve found your home!

Join us as we adventure through living our message and making a living doing what we really love – helping others. You won’t find a community like this anywhere else. Welcome to Heart and Soul Business.

This is the Rallying Cry for Coaches, Healers, and Spiritual Entrepreneurs who:

  • Run their business and their home

  • Have to sneak in their passion in between work, spouse, children, running errands and doing laundry

  • Want quicker, non-techy ways of doing business that don’t have to cost a fortune

  • Don‘t want to join MLM’s or host scented candle and lingerie parties in their homes unless they are REALLY passionate about those things!

These days everyone is an online business “expert.” 

They tell you to invest a HUGE amount of money (enough that you could buy a second home or, you know, take that dream vacation around the World with your entire family).

They tell you to “outsource” everything, even if you have no idea what you’re doing or what you’re going to sell yet.

They tell you that you can start making money today and look how they helped this client make 7 kajillion dollars in 2 weeks by working 3 minutes a day!

They act like they are allergic to hard work or anything that might get their hands dirty (“OMG – you mean you like, cleaned your own toilets? Ugh!”)

There are GREAT ways to make money online. 

And some of them are not even scammy. Sure you can sell scented candles and nail art (because who doesn’t love that?!!?) but deep down you know you’re here to do more than that. You’ve got a driving desire to get what you are passionate about into the World, to help people, and to make this beautiful Earth a better place in some small way.

Ready to Get Started? Choose Your Adventure Below:

I’ve been a Spiritual Seeker my entire life. 

Now I help others forge their own paths and forgive their old religions. Sometimes people even return to them with new understanding and commitment! Other times, they move on to other religions or create their own Spiritual Path.

Either way, what’s best is to connect with your own Inner Truth and find your God. It’s not always an easy path. I had the love of God beaten into me every day for many years. After seeking help and getting none from many spiritual advisers, counselors, and priests, I turned away from that religion. It almost killed me.

For years it left a gaping hole in my Soul. I tried many times over the years to return to my religion of birth, but continuing mental and psychological abuse from its followers along with slimy rules about who is “good” and who is going to burn in Hell forever were a complete turn-off.

Setting out on a spiritual quest, I spent my entire 20’s reading religious texts and studying and practicing religions from around the World. While others were at keg parties, I was steeped in prayer, ashrams, chanting, and study.

After trying on many different paths, some for a year or two, nothing still felt right. Pagan communities were too uptight about money. New Age communities were too airy-fairy and couldn’t live in the Real World. Religions continued their wars against gay people, women, and each other.

And still that gaping hole remained.

Chances are, you can relate. . .

I finally forged my own path out of the ashes and the trials and tribulations of over 20 years of spiritual pursuit (over 30 if you count that I started reading the Bible at age 6).

Now I help others heal from the religious upbringing, seek their own Inner Truths, and finally find peace and connection with God, Goddess, or the Divine Presence. 

I look forward to supporting you on your Spiritual Journey.