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“I just had an $8,000 month, and they keep coming!”

I just had an $8,000 month! My Facebook group went from 135 members to over 713 in a couple months; I’ve received numerous compliments on how positive it is, something that is hard to find in the pet grooming industry. My rules are keeping spammers out and the group is hopping. Discussions going all the time. I am loving the way conflicting opinions are being discussed. And I’m getting new clients! $8,000 months have become my new normal!

Mary Oquendo, Hands and Paws Reiki

“I’m saying good-bye to my day job – forever!”

After working with Amethyst for just 2 short weeks I went from completely blah in my business to excited and offering EXACTLY what I love. My clients responded!

Now I have a plan to work myself out of my day job. This has taken all of 5 months. What’s even better, I have residual income coming in – so I KNOW I won’t be caught in a bind and will never have to choose to go back to a day job again!

It’s beyond exciting knowing that I can do what I want for the rest of my life – thanks to working with Amethyst!

Nicole Isler, The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People

“I went from $200 months to making over $4,000!”

When I first started working with Amethyst, I didn’t know my business could be this easy – or this fun!

She had me try an experiment on getting new clients with Facebook Messenger, and instead of feeling like I was “bothering” people, I ended up LOVING the connections. Now I am eager to talk to new clients and share what I do with them!

I’ve finally realized that I CAN do this, and I CAN make money doing what I love!

Elizabeth Ayer Lee, Animal Intuitive

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