Are You Outgrowing Your Partner?


Amethsy Mahoney, Spiritual Badass, Kayla Berg, RelationshipsFollowing your heart and opening a spirit led business isn’t the easiest path.

There’s a whole lot of personal and spiritual work that goes into it in order to be successful – each layer of growth revealing a new version of you. Each version of you needing and wanting new things in order to continue the growth.

This doesn’t stay contained to your business. The need for growth reaches into other areas of your life as well – including your marriage or relationship.

But what do you do when your growth and that of your partner’s doesn’t match up? You’re out there building your dreams and growing in amazing spiritual ways and your partner…. isn’t. Not only are they not shifting and growing, they’re also not entirely sure why you’re wanting to rock the boat of what has

been up to now, a great relationship. They don’t see the problem and don’t want to fix the problem, because to them there is no problem.


Welcome to a spiritual relationship disconnect.

There is a specific kind of fear that shows up here for women: the fear that if they grow as successful and as much as they want and need to in order to pull of their dreams, they will grow too much and leave their partner behind. Get too big for the relationship. Change too much. Become too much for their partner to love.


A couple of things can happen when this fear is present (subconsciously or consciously).


1 – Confusion and doubt. The fear of change in your most intimate relationship is often enough to shake your confidence in how fast or hard you go all in on your business. Instead of bold moves forward, small, safe moves happen to try and keep the peace or status quo which results in feeling dissatisfied and stuck in BOTH the relationship and the business.


This is a painful place to be. Both wanting to grow and shift and yet keep the love and relationship you have. Wanting to shift the way your relationship feels to match who you are becoming and feeling confused that your partner doesn’t want the same or doesn’t seem to notice that there’s a disconnection even happening.


2 – It Becomes About Your Partner. As soon as there’s fear that you might outgrow the relationship, it becomes easy to start to focus on THEM and how they need to change to make things okay. By focusing on all the ways they are not showing up, not being supportive or helpful, or not growing enough, you take the spotlight off of you and your growth. This can also cause feelings of being stuck and unsure how to change things and move forward.


What do you about it? First of all, notice where this energetic block is showing up in your relationship and business and then shine a light on it.


Once you get some light on this you can:


1 –Talk about it together. With the light shining on it, you can see what needs to be aired out and worked on to get you both on the same page once again. You can hire someone to help you with this or tackle it yourselves.


2 – Work on it solo. If your partner can’t see this particular issue, it is possible (possibly even preferable) to work through this on your own.


3 – Do nothing. Maybe it works itself out or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you’re okay with outgrowing and leaving your partner. (no judgement)


Step one to fixing this problem in your relationship is knowing it’s there and how it shows up for you.


Step two is doing something about it.


No matter what you choose to do, know that it is possible for you to have an successful business, grow into who you are meant to be, and have an amazing relationship all at the same time. In fact, they are all more connected than you know.


Kayla Berg, Amethyst Mahoney, Spiritual Badass, relationshipsKayla Berg is an Intuitive Relationship Coach at The Institute of Love & Magic and best-selling author of Frazzled to Free: The Soulful Momma’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work.

Her mission is to help spirit-led entrepreneurs release the energy blocks in their relationship and find the magic, playfulness, and passion once more so they can grow together living the happy ever after they crave.

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