Washington Monument, Amethyst Mahoney, Spiritual BadassI’ve seen this going around a LOT the past week, and honestly every time I do I throw up a little in my mouth.
This is one of those “Sounds Good” sentiments that in reality are completely fucking up your business – and your life.
Years ago, I sort of believed it. I mean I questioned it a bit, but everyone was telling me how AWESOME it was.
I wondered about it. I thought maybe I WANTED it to be true. But it never felt quite right.
And then I figured out why: people who tell you this don’t have the time, money, or freedom they desire in their lives.
In fact, if you watch their Facebook and other Social Media posts enough, you’ll find something like:
☀️They’re complaining publicly about how they don’t have enough money to pay bills.
☀️They post about struggling to find clients, can’t figure out their business, and WHY IS THIS SO HAAARD??!!??
☀️They’ll tell you, “Sure I do okay. But I wouldn’t MIND making more. I mean, after all, who wouldn’t?”
☀️They do everything themselves, wear their martyrdom like a badge of honor, and a few times a year post about how sick, worn out, or exhausted they are and how they never get to spend time with their family.
The interesting thing is I used to see things like this ALL the time. The fluffy little feel-good quotes that are tauted as SO inspirational but in reality are completely disempowering.
But this year I REALLY started killing it in my business, focused on upleveling my beliefs and working on my money stories, and the income has been pouring in.
I haven’t SEEN a post like this in over 8 months.
Recently someone in my community brought my attention to it, and I thought it was incredibly interesting that for most people this is still business as usual.
This is still the common rhetoric, part of the lousy low-vibe belief system that permeates our cultures and keeps spiritual entrepreneurs broke.😢
As I always say, “If most people are agreeing with it, it’s probably wrong.”
If you want to live an uncommon life and step into the success you desire, you need to question everything, and that includes fluffy sentiments.
Because the Truth is, your Subconscious Mind is taking it all in and looking for proof to make these things true.
When you focus on how it’s “all about people” and NOT about money, you are setting yourself up for failure.
You’re going to get:
👑ALL of the people who are broke and say they can’t afford you
👑Prospect after prospect who says they MUST work with you(!), spends an hour trying to tell you their sob story and then gets MAD AT YOU when you present your price to work together (because if you were “really spiritual” you’d do it for free)
👑Tons of draining, whiny people who don’t ACTUALLY want to change their lives – they just want to complain about everything
👑Lots of questions, complaints, and tire-kicking from people who will NEVER pay you a dime but will be happy to spend hours of your time every week putting out their fires
👑Depression, exhaustion, and wondering why you’re not good enough.
You’ll also have LESS time for your friends and family and feel at everyone else’s beck and call. And you’ll still be broke AF.
Until you CHOOSE to put a stop to it!
When I call bullshit on the sentiment that it’s not all about the money, it’s about the warm fuzzy feeling we get helping people, a lot of people get STRAIGHT UP defensive.
They will do ANYTHING to defend their viewpoint (hopefully you’ve read to here before replying) and get downright ANGRY that I have the lady balls to challenge their culturally-inflicted perspective.
The first thing most people say is, “Yeah? Well, it’s not all about the money, either!”
To which I say, “No. Shit.”
It absolutely is NOT all about the money. I’m a big fan of balance in life, but here’s what I know:
The more you defend the “but it’s about helping people” perspective, the more broke you are.
I’ve watched this scenario play out over and over again for a decade online. It’s not hard to spot who’s failing at paying their bills and who might get to go out to eat once this month.
But the people who GET it. The people who are willing and open to question this? THOSE are the people who are going to get a glimpse of what’s beyond the bullshit and they’re going to start making some serious changes!
Because the more money you make the MORE people you can help. Period.
Sure, you might get an email about how much you “helped” someone in their life now and then.
Sure, people are going to tell you that your free work made a difference.
When I wasn’t making much, and trying to believe that piss-poor sentiment I started this post with, I received an email like that every couple of months.
Over the years, that frequency has gone up, and I started noticing some pretty interesting correlations in my life.
Now you can say that this is because I’m more visible, I’m helping more people, etc. But the truth is that I can help WAY more people now that I make money!
And not just in happy little feel-good ways. Because someone writing to me and telling me that I changed their perspective, even though in reality they did little to change their cirumstances or situations, isn’t really my bag.
I LOVE to see people make REAL, tangible changes in their lives. I LOVE to see women stand up, livestream, start communities, grow their businesses, and make a shit ton of money.
Changing your perspective and then deciding to settle for the same ol’ same ol’? To me that’s sadder than never changing your perspective at all.
You deserve to have everything you want, spend your short time on this Earth doing something you love, and touching as many lives as you want to.
So let’s focus on BOTH. It’s a HUGE difference to say, “I’m just going to keep saying the same thing, but I’ll understand it has a different meaning.”
No you won’t. And your subconscious won’t either.
The truth is you can help a ton of people and make a SHIT TON of money doing it!
Don’t want to make a shit ton of money? Then give it all away to your favorite charity.
Buy Christmas presents for all of your local children in foster care and orphanages. Create a community where people can live for free and get counseling and free health care and mental health care!
When you really understand that you can have it ALL and do WHATEVER you want in your life, stupid-ass fluffy sentiments will make you throw up a little in your mouth, too.
And then you’ll be ready to plan out a business that will make a REAL difference in the World.
Want my help with that? If you’re tired of business as usual and want to get ahead of the game, come check out my End of Year Planning Party.
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Remember –

Every day is a miracle.

Fucking Act Like it!

Amethyst Mahoney,

Spiritual Badass

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