Amethyst Mahoney, Spiritual Badass,
Let me just start out by saying that I LOVE fall, and Halloween is my favorite holiday!
But right now I need to stop for a moment and plan ahead – to December. That doesn’t mean turn on the Nutcracker music or break out the ginger cookies – yet.
But if you’re going to make December your best month of the year, especially if you take a week (or two) off like I do, then this is the PERFECT time to plan ahead.
While most people are already winding down the year, complaining that they didn’t make enough money, and saying that “there’s no point now that everyone is getting ready for the holidays,” those of us in the KNOW are getting excited about CRUSHING IT yet another season!
It wasn’t always this way.
A few years ago I bought into the hype. The stories that everyone was spending their money on gifts and had nothing left for coaching or programs.
That people would rather not hear from you while they’re trying to plan Family Time. 🙈😂😂
Very quickly I realized that this defeatist bullshit attitude had to go!
Just like every time you say, “People don’t have money,” or “It’s just not a good time for the economy right now,” you’re killing the results you could be getting.
Please STOP it!
The Holiday Season is just getting started, and this is the PERFECT time for you to have record sales!
Here are some tips to make December your Best Month ever (and pick up some sales during the rest of this month and November, too):
☀️ Make the decision that this WILL be your Best time of year! Without your decision and commitment to action nothing will happen.
☀️ Start planning out your End of Year Sale NOW! Is it going to be a discount on the programs you are selling now? I prefer to make this a Home Study offer so that you can let the cash roll in while you’re off playing on a tropical island or hunkered down with your family in the snow.
☀️ Decide what program you want to kick off in January. Start pre-selling it in December. This works REALLY WELL with your 1:1 coaching programs!
☀️ Make a Plan so you can make it happen!
The first year I thought I’d “try” a Holiday Sale it was all last-minute and very rushed. I even tried to create a NEW program! 💣 💥🌟🌟
It quickly imploded, I was totally stressed out, and I nixed the ideas of holiday sales for the next 2 years. EVEN THOUGH I had made a good chunk of change that more than paid for Christmas.
But a Holiday Sale doesn’t have to be painful.
When you learn how to do it the right way, set things up before hand, and create a plan for contingencies, things roll pretty smoothly along.
You get more interest, more sales, more clients. More time and freedom.
Because that’s what you really want anyway, right?
Wouldn’t it be great to create a plan NOW so that you can make $10K, $15K, 20K or more in December?
Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to start the year off with money flowing in, and not having to scramble to make it happen?
When you KNOW that you already have sales and you already have money in the bank with more in the way, life opens up in amazing possible ways!
The first time I ever made $10K in one month was during a Holiday Sale.
While everyone around me was complaining about how they didn’t have any money, had to put Christmas on credit cards (again), and couldn’t find clients, I was laughing all the way to the…
Well, mountains. I was actually on vacation and took the last two weeks of December COMPLETELY off to hang out with my husband!
And the best part was how many people I helped.
How many people ended up finding me, purchasing my program, and writing to work with me.
How many people sent me messages to thank me, to say how much they were enjoying their program, and how happy they were that I had offered it.
If you’re thinking that end of year or holiday sales are slimy or sleazy marketing, you need to flip that switch right now!
The holidays are about offering something FUN for your clients! Something that is useful and dare I say, Life-changing. 💖
And right now is the PERFECT time to get started. While you’re finishing up your Halloween Special. 👻🎃
If you’re not sure how to get help or how to get started, we’ll be talking about this over in the Spiritual Badass Entrepreneurs Community this week!
Decide on your offer.
Figure out how you’re going to market it.
Get started now.
Let me know if you need help with this! 🔮🌈🐇
Remember ,
Every day is a Miracle.
Fucking Act Like It!
Amethyst Mahoney,
Spiritual Badass
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