The Magic of Becoming a Co-Creator

by Elysia Hartzell


I want to share a secret….

I want to share with you the Magic behind becoming a Co-Creator…and it might not be what you expect.

This Magic doesn’t involve rituals or wands or charms, although all of that is stuff powerful. No, I am talking about the Magic that resides within you.

The Magic you already are. This is the Magic, the power, that so many of us deny, or forget, or lock away some-where we think we can never find. If we live this way long enough, it’s easy to think we never had it.

It’s easy to think that Magic is not who were truly are. But that is a lie. A lie
that I told myself for a very long time.

It feels like many lifetimes ago but there was a time when I was trapped
in an abusive marriage.

I lived that way for over 17 years, until finally an incident on my daughter’s
11th birthday pushed me to flee for safety with my 3 young daughters.

My daughters and I were homeless for the next 9 months. I felt desperate, destitute, and hopeless. You see, I had forgotten my power, forgotten my Magic.

I had allowed it to be hidden.

But in my darkest hour, a little voice deep within me whispered, “It’s time to change, it’s time to take back your power, to claim your Magic.”

So I did. It led me down a path that I could have never imagined…

I began to really wake up, for the first time in my life. I began to see myself as a powerful source, a spark of God.

I took responsibility for my own reality, both the good and the bad, understanding that it was I who was creating all of it.

Once I was able to get my mind around that, and take the responsibility to change the things I didn’t like in my life, I began to stand in my own power and reclaim my Magic.

I empowered myself with my own truth. I began to trust my own intuition, and made it a habit to act on it.

I held my focus on what I desired to create, and didn’t allow anything to take me off course.

All of this showed me the way home to my own soul. I went from merely existing, to becoming a true Co-Creator.

Now, after just a few years fleeing an abusive marriage with less than one dollar to my name, and being homeless with 3 daughters, I truly have co-created a life way beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

I’ve now manifested my Divine Life Partner and a heart-centered business that creates abundance in my life and fills me with joy everyday.

I empower other healers with the tools I have been gifted with through my own modality, Sacred Soul Alignment.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that when we are allowing others to make choices for us, seeking advice and guidance outside of ourselves for every decision, we are abdicating our power.

When we have weak boundaries, we are giving parts of ourself away at every turn. We are denying our Magic.

So, beautiful soul, one of the biggest secrets to claiming your Magic, to becoming a Co-Creator, to designing your life exactly the way you want it to be, is being deeply connected to your own intuition, the antenna for your soul.

When you are tuned into your intuition and you know how to connect consciously, you attract more of what you want.

You are physically and emotionally healthier, you gain deeper understanding and clarity about your purpose in this life.

You are happier and more fulfilled.

When you recognize your own Divinity, recognize that you are whole, perfect and complete just as you are.

You become a Co-Creator.
You step into your own Magic.


Elysia Hartzell’s natural vibration of loving acceptance and soulful compassion opens the door to deeper connection of your soul and the gifts and abilities that you are ready to express. Elysia cracks the codes of self-love and self-worth on multidimensional levels
so you can be free to be your true self.

Elysia’s clients have taken their lives to new levels by training with her to become empowered as healers themselves through her Sacred Soul Alignment modality certification.

You can find Elysia at

This Article can be found in the Spiritual Badass Magazine, where Elysia is our Badass Cover Girl for the January edition! You can find all of the amazing articles here:

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