I saw this question on Facebook the other day. If something is inspirational, does it mean it’s empowering?
The answer is a resounding NO.
In fact, many “inspirational” things right now, especially in the spiritual or business communities are completely disempowering and undermining everyone’s ability to make change and move forward!
Of course the first few people who answered didn’t see it that way. “OF COURSE it’s empowering!” “How could it not be?” “As long as you’re inspired, you’re empowered!”
It seemed to be the common rhetoric. To which I say:
Um, no.
Many of the fluffy love-and-light cookie-cutter solutions are actually keeping you stuck.🙈😂😂
And people are finally starting to come around to this.
You can’t just expect to focus only on the positive and love and light your way to real change.
That kind of lifestyle is actually making things worse. It make you:
☀️Repress your true feelings and internalize any “negative” emotions as your fault.
☀️Internalize other people’s emotional baggage, carry their issues, and place the onus of forgiveness or responsibility on yourself when really a well-place “Fuck You” is probably what you need
☀️Place ALL the blame on yourself. ALL the time. After all, if you were just more positive, you wouldn’t have a husband who yells at you/have a teenager with emotional or drug issues/have a job you hate/have that disease.
☀️Want to crawl into a hole in die, but let’s settle for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain because you aren’t expressing the TRUTH of who you are or what’s in your SOUL – lest you offend anyone else or step on their toes!
So many things sound so good until you try following them for a while. Then your whole life blows up and you just wonder, “How the fuck did I get here?”💣💥🌟
There’s nothing more disempowering than telling someone to NEVER do anything that’s hard, ONLY go with the flow, and that they are the only person in the World so they create ALL experiences and everyone else is a reflection of THEM.
I mean, really, you’re just a reflection of Me? Thanks for showing up to read this! How fucking egotistical can you get? 😂😂😂
Yes, we are here to CREATE an amazing life.
Yes, we can have EVERYTHING we want!
Yes, many of our experiences are FOR us.
But let’s get real: Believing that you create everything means that you created:
👑The car accident that gave you brain damage
👑The local school shootings
👑All of the beatings and murders of transgender people (and everyone else)
👑Police brutality
👑The situation in the Middle East
And let’s face it: If you did all that, you’re an Asshole.
So since you’re not an Asshole, guess what? You didn’t create all that. Everything that happens in the whole entire WORLD is not a reflection of you.
Isn’t that a relief?😊
It’s not inspiring nor empowering to blame you for the World’s issues, and that’s what many spiritual teachings are subconsciously doing these days.
So what IS Empowering?
Taking Personal Responsibility for the things that you CAN control in life!
You CAN decide EXACTLY what you want to do with your time and energy, and who you want to spend it with.
You CAN choose your direction in life, work within your perceived limitations or disabilities, and FOCUS on your strengths.
You CAN create a POWERFUL business that helps tons of people while making a SHIT TON of money.
The fluffy sentiments sound nice, and they feel good, but let’s face it: It’s time for something DIFFERENT.
Something REAL.
Something TRUE.
Something that’s going to actually give you CONFIDENCE and energy and help you take a stand in your life.
And it all starts with identifying what you really want and creating a plan for it.💖
You may have been brainwashed over the past few years that planning is “bad,” and that it isn’t spiritual. But that’s part of the problem. Planning is not spooky at all!👻🎃
When you plan what you want in your business, your subconscious starts looking for FUN ways to make it happen.
You’ll see new opportunities where you didn’t see any before, and you’ll start to get new clients – almost like magic!
Doors will open and things will happen in ways that you couldn’t imagine.
Planning isn’t about pretending that you have all the answers. Or that you’ll KNOW how things are going to happen.
Planning is about setting something to AIM for. If you’re going to take a trip, you usually have an end destination in mind. You don’t just say, “I think I’ll go to the airport and randomly get on a plane and see what happens!
You have a destination in mind, although all of the fun and adventure along the way – and while there – are COMPLETE surprises!
Your business is the same way. You need to have a destination in mind and know what means you’re going to start with.
But everything else? Your business will grow and surprise you in ways that you’ve never imagined! But you need to get it started and give it the OPPORTUNITY to do this!
Want my help with this? I want to show you how to create a business that will make money, help people, and be more fun than you ever dreamed of in my End of Year Planning Party.
We’ll look at what you can offer, create an End of Year Sale that will make December your best month of the year, and help you look forward to 2018 with money and clients pouring in.
Doesn’t that sound more inspiring and empowering than just sitting around and wishing it would happen for you? Join us in the End of Year Planning Party. It’s easier – and more fun – than you think! 🔮🌈🐇

Remember –

Every day is a miracle.

Fucking Act Like it!

Amethyst Mahoney,

Spiritual Badass

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Here’s what we’re covering:
🌞November 8 at 5 pm CST Support Call to put together your business program and offer
🌞November 15 at 5 pm CST Support Call to look at the overall structure and flow of your business (so it makes sense to you AND your clients)
🌞November 22 at 5 pm CST Support Call to plan your Holiday Sale
🌞November 29 at 5 pm CST Support Call to create and plan your January Sale and how to pre-sell it in December
🌞December 2 – 3 from 10 am CST – 3 pm CST (with lunch) to plan out your ENTIRE 2018. Optional Slumber Party at my home (additional cost, please see me for details)
🌞December 6 at 5 pm CST Support Call for your December Marketing and Sales
🌞December 13 at 5 pm CST Support Call to look at everything you need to have planned if you want to take the rest of the year off (or at least one week)
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