Amethyst Mahoney, Spiritual Badass


If you are not prioritizing your business correctly, you are going spend WAY more money than you make, which will derail your confidence, make you think about quitting (a LOT!), and make it even MORE difficult to find new clients.

Discover the secrets to quickly and easily package your genius so that you can start getting clients today.

If your 1:1 client sessions aren’t booked solid yet, you need to focus on:
    • Get CLEAR on EXACTLY what your high-end offer looks like
    • Have more conversations with REAL potential clients.
    • Stop wasting time on your website or designing a logo and business cards and FOCUS.

Filling your 1:1 client roster will give you the time, space, and energy to set up all of your systems, and the little details of your business you are dying to get to!
I can help you get Clear and Focused so that you can get new 1:1 clients this week with my Energetic Business Alignment Session.

This session is for you if:

* you need to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your 3 month or 6 month coaching package
* you are still charging per session and have no idea what to offer instead
* you feel like you are undercharging but don’t know why anyone would pay more

34% of my clients leave this session and get new clients within 48 Hours. 86% of my clients get at least 1-2 new high-end 1:1 clients within 2 weeks!

During this magical life-changing session we’re going to jump-start your business. You will:

* identify what’s REALLY holding you back
* change you mindset so that you can Manifest what you truly want in life
* create a plan for your next steps

You’ll also get guidance from the Tarot to help you on your way.

I only do 10 Energetic Alignment Sessions each month, so be sure to get yours now.