Tired of trying to piece meal your business together from a bunch of free webinars and half-hearted info?

Sick of buying course after course that only shows you part of what you need to know?

Ready to throw out your crusty franken-biz and create a real spiritual empire?

It’s time for the Spiritual Badass Business Academy!

Finally create a real business with all the parts you need!

Your work is amazing and you’re here to help people.

But your business isn’t explaining that to your potential clients.

 You pour your heart and soul into your work, so why are you hearing crickets?

 People seem interested in your work. They click on your website, ask you TONS of questions, but then they just kind of disappear without buying anything (WTF?)

 You’re SO tired of being afraid of charging and hearing, “I can’t afford it” or “I can’t wait to do this—later” and later turns into never

 You’re tired of feeling like you have to be at your business 24/7, neglecting your spouse, your children, and your health, and you just wish there was a better way

Well Buck Up,  Buttercup!

There is a better way, and I’m going to show you how in the Spiritual Badass Business Academy!

Because your business should feel like riding in on your Unicorn with Rainbow Sparkles so that you can help everyone who is ready and willing. Yeah, just like that. 

It’s time for the Spiritual Badass Business Academy!

All the Awesome, None of the BS

You’re going to learn all of the secrets the pros know, including:

The difference between a “pretty” business with lots of BS numbers and a business that actually makes you money
Exactly how to create courses, programs, and offers that leave your clients drooling and grabbing their credit cards
Everything you need to do to get clients and make money NOW, not 3 years from now when you’ve finished putting together a lame and boring business plan

All of the short-cuts, how-to’s, and technical know how that you need to make things work, without spending hours watching YouTube videos or thousands of dollars testing 87 different systems that you don’t need

In short, you’ll get everything you need in the Academy to create a real, functional business that can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!

Hi, I’m Amethyst!

I run Spiritual Badass, a Worldwide Business, Networking, and Spiritual Organization for badass entrepreneurs who want to build their Spiritual Empires and make a positive difference in the World.

But it wasn’t always sparkles and rainbows.

I was born in a very poor part of the South in a very controlling fundamentalist household.

There was never money for food or bills, and once I was older I replayed a lot of those same patterns again and again.

If I made any money or got a break, inevitably something would go wrong. The car would break down or we’d get an unexpected bill.

I was homeless and lived out of my car for nearly two years.

My husband and I moved to a small town in Oregon where I had no friends and no clients, and then he got laid off of work.

Struggle? For a while I thought that was my middle name.

But through it all I held out the hope that there was something better.

After a brief stint in the Army, spending a decade as a psychologist, and going back to school after my PhD to get a second Master’s Degree, I decided to chuck it all in and become a Tarot reader full-time.

My business was so successful that everyone started asking me what I was doing. Spiritual Badass was born.

I want to help you build your Spiritual Empire!

The World is hurting right now. It needs compassionate empathic spiritual leaders and healers now more than ever.

It’s time to learn how to build a Solid Foundation for your business based on the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

Module 1:


We start with Spirit first to make sure that you are creating a truly authentic business in alignment with your Core Values. Most entrepreneurs are trying to do what they think will sell or make them money, but in this module we’ll get to the Truth of who you are and what you are really here meant to do.

Module 2:


Next you’ll ground your business in the energy of Earth by creating solid programs, packages, and offers that your clients will understand and want to invest in. You’ll learn how to leverage your programs so that you can work with more people without overwhelming yourself or burning out.

Module 3:


In this Module you’ll learn intelligent business design that works for spiritual and empathic entrepreneurs. You’ll discover the secrets to creating a schedule that works for you that includes plenty of time for flow and time off while still remaining visible online and showing up for your clients.

Module 4:


Next you’ll learn how to bring some of the Divine Masculine energy in to get your work out into the World in a bigger way. You’ll discover tips to Social Media that will get the most out of your time as well as how to work different platforms. You’ll also learn how to use Livestreaming to get more paying clients.

Module 5:


Finally, you’ll add the Divine Feminine back to your business and create a natural and balanced flow for your business. In this module you’ll discover deeper secrets to connecting with people and how to move them from the level they are currently operating on into a deeper level of transformation and working with you.

Ready to join the Spiritual Badass Business Academy?

Fill out the application and let’s see if you are a good fit.

But wait, there’s more!

I want to make sure you get everything you need in the Spiritual Badass Business Academy so that you aren’t ever left hanging or wondering what to do next.

Bonus #1

Exclusive Community with other Badass Academy members. You’ll get access to our exclusive community where I hang out to answer questions about your business. Plus, you’ll get monthly calls after the live program ends!

Bonus #2

Access to WordPress Badass. Even though I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars without a website, everyone wants a site to feel legit. I got you, boo. You’ll get access to WordPress Badass, my premier program on how to create a website – and sales pages – that will make you money!

Bonus #3

Heart and Soul Guides. After the 12 week Academy ends, I won’t leave you hanging! Each week for 50 weeks you’ll get a Follow-up Guide to keep you on-track and give you even more info and tips on how to shore up your business and make more sales!

The Spiritual Badass Business Academy is your complete system with everything that you need to build your Spiritual Empire now!

Stop trying to piece meal together a Franken-biz from free webinars and shiny programs.

If you’re serious about your business, you need to create a plan that works for you instead of running around getting half-assed info from this coach, that coach, or the other coach.

By getting everything in one place and getting my eyes on your business, I’ll be able to help you create something that makes sense and works for you and your clients, leading to more sales, more clients, and more fun!


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

When is the Spiritual Badass Business Academy?
The Spiritual Badass Business Academy is a 12-week course that starts on September 12. As soon as you sign up you get access to all of the Training Modules, the free community, and your bonuses!
What if I can’t make it to the Academy calls live?
All Academy calls will be recorded in case you can’t make it live. If you have a question you would like addressed on the call you can post it at any time in the community. I’m also available to answer questions in the community outside of our regularly scheduled calls!
What if I can’t afford the Spiritual Badass Business Academy?
This is the BEST information available for your business, and you’re going to be able to use it again and again for the rest of your LIFE. We run Early Bird Specials and extra bonuses as well as offer payment plans for limited periods of time, so look for those. Also, get creative and ask yourself a better question: HOW can I afford it?
What if I don’t have time for the Spiritual Badass Business Academy?
If your business isn’t making you money right now, then you need to stop what you’re doing and MAKE time to learn a better way. We all have to choose our priorities and focus on what’s important. Don’t keep doing what’s NOT working. Choose to learn how to do things a better way that will pay off for YEARS to come!
Is this course tax deductible?
While I’m not a tax guru, my programs, courses, and workshops are tax deductible for most people. Please check with your tax adviser in your local state or country to find out more.
What if I don’t have something to sell right now?
Helping people come up with programs and packages is one of my FAVORITE things to do in the World. The Spiritual Badass Business Academy will help you create and offer a package that your clients will love!

Ready to join the Spiritual Badass Business Academy?

Fill out the application and let’s see if you are a good fit.